Objectius competencials

In this module we are going to learn the basics of cooperative work and see ways in which it can be introduced into our classes.

  • Create types of activities that involve cooperative work in order to implement it in the English classroom.
  • Get to know web sites that offer key pals, scavenger hunts, web quests, projects, blogs and wikis and how to adapt them for our students.
  • Get to know blogs and wikis for teachers.
  • Incorporate new trends in EFL and ICT into our practice: blogs, wikis, twitter.


  • Practice 1: Key pals. Exchange emails with a partner from another country.
  • Practice 2: Scavenger hunts. Surf the net to find the answer to some questions.
  • Practice 3: Webquests. Use the information from the web to do a group activity.
  • Practice 4: Projects. Do and share your work with students from another school.
  • Practice 5: Blogs and wikis. Post your musings. Share your writings.