Module 4: Sequencing and Auditing Activities


The aim of this module is to introduce the Cummins' Matrix, a useful tool for auditing CLIL activities. The module offers some didactic sequences that are analysed through practical frameworks, and shows ways to assemble activities with a sense of progression, either focused on language or on content.

In the first section of the module, some CLIL activities are analysed by the audit tool called Cummins' Matrix. Section two deals with the role of scaffolding related to Cummins' Matrix. Sections three and four are devoted to sequencing from two perspectives: language and content. Some useful examples of assembling materials and sequencing are provided.

Aims of this module

  • To understand Cummins' Matrix and how to audit CLIL activities
  • To get familiar with assembling materials and sequencing
  • To comprehend the role of scaffolding in CLIL sequences
  • To provide tools that ensure an effective progression in a sequence of CLIL activities, focusing either on language or content


  • Section 1: Cummins' Matrix: the Audit Tool for CLIL
  • Section 2: The role of Scaffolding in the Cummins' Matrix
  • Section 3: Assembling materials and Sequencing, focus on Language
  • Section 4: Assembling materials and Sequencing, focus on Subject