Module 3: Cognition and Culture


This module aims to deepen your understanding of cognition (the third C). It highlights the importance of problem solving, engagement in high-order thinking and understanding. For CLIL to be effective, learners must be challenged to create new knowledge and develop new skills.

In the first section of the module, the different levels of cognition skills are introduced through Bloom's Taxonomy. In section two, cognition skills are analysed in depth. In section three, a collection of cognition activities is offered. Finally, section five is devoted to the C of Culture and the ideas of self and otherness.

Aims of this module

  • To understand the meaning of cognition in CLIL
  • To get familiar with Bloom's Taxonomy and the cognition levels; LOT and HOT
  • To provide good examples of cognition activities
  • To understand the nature of culture in CLIL


  • Section 2: Cognitive Teaching and Cognitive Questioning