Module 2: Language and Content


This module aims to explore the relationship between language and content. The importance of language scaffolding is one of the key issues of the module.

In the first section of the module, content is analysed and the connection with language is drawn. You will also find some ideas around learning content and literacy. Section two is devoted to the practical aspect of language for classroom management. In section three, the concept of scaffolding is introduced, together with information and examples of language scaffolding for reading and listening. You will also find some internet resources that may help you create your own scaffolding materials. In section four you will be given information and examples of language scaffolding for writing and speaking.

Aims of this module

  • To understand the meaning of content in CLIL
  • To comprehend the nature of language in CLIL
  • To give useful examples of language for classroom managemen
  • To understand the concept of scaffolding
  • To provide good examples of language scaffolding


  • Section 1: Connecting Content and Language. Language Of, For and Through
  • Section 3: Language Scaffolding for Reading and Listening
  • Section 4: Language Scaffolding for Writing and Speaking