Module 1: What is CLIL?


CLIL? AICLE? AICOLE? EMILE? Are you able to define all these acronyms?

This module aims to open the CLIL perspective to your eyes. There are several definitions of CLIL and many different classroom experiences which are included in this umbrella term.

In the first section of the module, you will find out your own definition of CLIL, together with the ones given by the "experts" on the subject.

In sections two and three you will be given information about the theoretical aspects of CLIL and of the degree of implementation of this methodology in Europe and in Catalonia.

In section four you will find links to ready-to-use materials and other ICT resources, together with references to books and scientifc articles on CLIL. All of them may constitue a good asset for your upcoming CLIL practice.

Aims of this module

  • To comprehend the CLIL theoretical framework.
  • To foster an initial understanding of the CLIL methodology and its potential.
  • To get introduced to the works of different researchers on CLIL.
  • To have knowledge of the CLIL context in Europe and across the world.
  • To provide useful CLIL resources and ready-to-use CLIL materials.
  • To be aware of different activities that activite high order thinking and that are potentially useful for the CLIL practice.


  • Section 1: CLIL definition. The four ingredients
  • Section 2: Theoretical framework of CLIL, an overview
  • Section 4: Where to find good resources of CLIL?