Section 3: CLIL context in Europe and Catalonia

Why was CLIL introduced in our schools? What are the origins of CLIL? How is it developed in other countries around the world or in Europe? Is it a new trend only in our country? Are there different ways to implement CLIL?

Exercise 1

Some of these questions are covered in the following presentation. Take your time to watch the slide show. There you may find some clues for reflection on two issues: - My School Context - Why CLIL has been introduced

CLIL Context Cflorit Jalberich by Carme Florit Ballester

In case your browser does not allow you to visualize the presentation above, you can access it here in PDF format: clil_context_cflorit_jalberich.pdf

In the following exercise you will find a web resource to create mind maps that may be useful for your upcoming CLIL classes. Apart from the powerful software it contains, this is also an analysing task, and therefore you have to use high order thinking skills according to Bloom: this means that you have to think accurately. Before you commence trial a mind map with scrap paper and then form your final mind map.

Exercise 2

Mind maps

To complete this exercise, you can use the following online software: text2mindmap.

This is how this website looks like:

text2mind website

This online software allows you to make a mind map very easily and quickly. Follow the next three instructions, and you will have your mind map ready:

  1. Write text in the text area. Each text line will become node in the mind map.
  2. Use the TAB key to start a new branch of nodes.
  3. Click the "Draw Mind Map"-button and watch the mind map evolve.

Now, create you own mind map from the presentation above. You have to use, at least, the following items, and organise them as you like most, but you can add whatever item you deem necessary as well.

      1. PELE in Catalonia.          
      2. CLIL drastically increases the amount of exposure to the target language.          
      3. CLIL: umbrella term.          
      4. Eurydice report 2012.          
      5. Canadian immersion programmes.          
      6. CLIL creates conditions for naturalistic language learning.          
      7. Predominance of English as a target language.          
      8. USA bilingual and content based education.          

Have you noticed? Exercise 2 of this section is an analysing task according to Bloom's taxonomy, therefore this is an example of a high order thinking (HOT) activity.