Create teaching materials - 1

The internet is a great source of materials for English teachers. Some of them are print-outs. But the net also offers many facilities to create your own taylor-made materials. It is not necessary to be an expert, it is much better to have a few websites at hand and explore the possibilities they offer.

Practice it!

Let's prepare some vocabulary worksheets to print and work offline. A great place is Puzzlemaker at

Discovery School

You can create the puzzles online in just a few minutes, then print, photocopy and take them to your class.

There are 10 different exercises to choose from: word search, hidden message, fallen phrases…

  • Select Word search. Follow the step-by-step instructions and fill in the form with the words you intend to teach or revise. In Step 4 you must decide if you want to print the puzzle directly from the web, or copy and paste it into another application (Word, for example).
  • Click on create.jpgand the worksheet will be ready in just a few seconds. Click on solution.jpgfor the answer key.
  • Try any of the other puzzles: with a hidden message, cryptogram, criss-cross puzzle, or even a maze.
  • If you want to make your puzzles more visually attractive, add some clip art to them. Clic on Featured content | Clip Art, on the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Activity framework

  • Resources. All you will need is a printer.

Additional info lets you make endless teacher worksheets and puzzles: Printable Page Builders (award certificates, web page generators…), Free Worksheet Makers (bingo cards, time lines, word scramble…), printable rubrics.

eslHQ eslHQ contains very useful materials for ESL, with ready to print Worksheets, Flashcards and Games. In Make a worksheet you create a variety of activities, including board games, multiple choice or gap fill, all with pictures. You need to register here too, but this time for free. A fantastic place!

johnsesl.jpg has a section for students, with exercises for the different language skills, quizzes, games and riddles, and also a teacher's section where you can create a class website, word scramble, matching quizzes, vocabulary lists or even battleship games. You will also find printables, activities and dialogs.