In this practice we will be having a look at several websites packed with resources to learn about the different festivities in the anglo-saxon calendar. Many of the sites contain activities that must be done online: games, word puzzles, reading comprehensions… while others have classroom-ready materials. You will even find downloadables: wallpapers, screensavers and posters to liven up your classrooms and your computers.

Practice it!

  • Let's take Halloween, for example. We will find countless resources at


The Holiday Spot

(This site also includes Jewish, Hindu and Chinese festivities, so it is a great place to practice multiculturalism).

At the top of the page we find the month's festivities. Go to the bottom of the page to find the calendar with the year's holidays. Find October and click on Halloween.

If you are planning a traditional activity, you'll find the History of Halloween or Goulish Spooky stories to prepare a reading comprehension. This can be combined with an online Halloween celebration by sending a Halloween card or playing Trick or treat online.


However, if you are interested in having a different kind of lesson, you may download Halloween decorations and find plenty ideas for parties, costumes and masks and even recipes.


  • edhelper.jpg

EdHelper.com is great place to go for printable resources. Click on Monthly themes and October Theme Units, Halloween.






Many of the exercises are restricted to subscribers only, but there are some logic puzzles, reading comprehensions and puzzles that can be printed. All the exercises under Halloween puzzles are free and come with the answer key. It's worth having a look at the many different kinds of exercises available.

  • Black Dog

Black Dog has both printables and online games. Click on Happy Holidays and Halloween.



There are also personalized stories: A Special Halloween Story - Starring You! and Stereograms.

  • The Youth Online Club

The Youth Online Club also contains online and printable activities. Click on Holidays on the left frame.


and then on




Online Games and Haunted Maze must be done online. In the Post Office, Paper Fun and Crafts the materials are ready to print. And there are many more resources down the page.

Activity framework

  • Methodology. These web pages are open to many activities, e.g.:
    • a reading comprehension worksheet that must be completed while the students move around a web page (one/two sessions). Sample worksheet (This activity is to be done in combination with http://nbrichsg.glogster.com/saint-valentines-day. Glogster is a web 2.0 tool to make online posters, with a big potential for students and teachers).
    • a list of online activities / games (one/two sessions). Sample worksheet
    • a mini-project. Students sit in pairs at the computers to do the activities and have to present a final project with the result of their research. Since they may have to move around and do some talking, give clear instructions of what they are expected to do, explain the classroom rules and negotiate with them the amount of noise they can make before they start the work (Two or three sessions previous to the festivity). Sample worksheet
  • Resources. computers with Flash and Java plugins installed. As some of the exercises include sound, it might be a good idea to have headphones at hand. A colour printer may also be necessary.