Online dictionaries

Your students may encounter vocabulary problems when they are working online. If they don't have some dictionaries at hand, they may open a new window, look up the word in an online dictionary, then minimize the window and continue working.

Practice it!

  • is an excellent site because it's visually attractive and very intuitive. Even though it is a monolingual dictionary, it is very adequate for our students' level.

A search for potato, for example, will produce the following results:

Each word or phrase links to its definition and the pronunciation. Click on to get a list of related words. Click on Mouse potato. Are you one? :-)

* webster.jpg is a good English-English, Spanish-English dictionary and thesaurus.

Among its many sister sites is the

:cursos:curriculum:eso_btx:dsla:modul_1:m_wkids.jpgWord Central

Look up a word in the student dictionary here.

This section contains games so that kids play with words (, Robo-bee, Bigbot and Jumble Kids). They can invent a new word and publish it in Build-Your-Own Dictionary or check the Daily Buzzword.

Activity framework

  • Methodology: suggest your students that they open a new window in their browser with a bilingual (or monolingual) dictionary. When they are doing an activity and encounter a new word, then they can alternate between windows and get the meaning in just a few seconds.

Additional info

Other dictionaries that you might find useful:

  • visual.jpg presents the words and their synonyms in a clickable mind map (the trial version only allows a limited number of searches)
  • yourdictio.jpg has the widest set of dictionaries, grammars, and other language resources on the web (280 language dictionaries and 50 glossaries).
  • diccionarios.jpg There is a Spanish dictionary and a variety of bilingual dictionaries which includes Catalan. The site allows 3 searches in one session or 25 searches in a month to the free subscribers (and unlimited access por paid subscribers).
  • The free dictionary is a comprehensive dictionary in many languages, but also medical, legal, financial, thesaurus, idioms and more.
  • logos.jpg offers a definition, image, sound, synonyms, a context and a translation for each word. Words can be edited in order to add more information (new translations, etymology…). It also includes a children's dictionary, a verb conjugator and even an application to help solve crosswords.