LearnEnglishCentral. British Council

This page from the British Council contains a wealth of activities and games to read, listen and practise your English. The word games and grammar games cover all levels, but most of them are specially suitable for batxillerat or advanced level students.

Practice it!

  • Go to the British Council's learnenglish.jpg

Click on Grammar & Vocabulary → Vocabulary games.



There you will find a list of vocabulary games classified by topic in alphabetical order The exercises are varied, and range from crossword puzzles to drag and drop matching exercises.

  • Choose Parts of the body (under P).


Drag the names of the body parts to the corresponding box. When you finish, check your answers. The button Show me gives you a hint in case you need it.

  • Now go to letter B and choose Body idioms. In this exercise, you must click on the blank between the brackets and type a part of the body to complete the idioms.


(To check your answers, get a hint or start over, right click in between the brackets).

Some really engaging activities also found on the Games page are the Magic Gopher, a very amusing reading exercise, or Beat the goalkeeper, where the students try to score a goal while they practice their football vocabulary.

Activity framework

  • Timing: one session in the computer room to consolidate the vocabulary learnt in the textbook unit.
  • Complementary material: Give your students a worksheet with a list of exercises. This particular one is to be done in two sessions in the computer room: worksheet.

Additional info

BBC Learning English. Click on Quizzes on the left, then on Quiznet. There you will see a huge variety of exercises: vocabulary, topic based, grammar, and even more in the Quiznet archives. All the quizzes have the PDF, printable version with the answer key.