Click and learn

Click and learn is a very useful page to practise vocabulary and grammar at all levels of ESO. It combines explanations with interactive exercises and games.

Practice it!

1. Go to clicklogo21.jpg Clicknlearn and enter the site. On the next screen choose English. This will take you to the main page with the exercises.


2. Click on Open and choose Menu from the list.


This will display a new menu on the top left of your screen.


When you pass the cursor over any of the elements of the menu, it unfolds into submenus. Choose 4º ESO, Easy, Prepositions 2 and click on enter.

  • When the page finishes loading, click on the arrow at the bottom right hand side of your screen. A Flash film will demonstrate the meaning of the prepositions of place. A number of interactive exercises follow. You just must follow the instructions and click on the arrow to move to the next page.

This cursor on the right hand corner is always available to take arrow.jpg the student to a translating dictionary.

  • After the prepositions of place have been practised, now comes the time for the prepositions of time, with their own set of exercises. When they have all been completed, the student gets a score for his/her performance.
  • To continue with the practise, click on the menu2.jpg again to access the list of exercises. This time choose Merlin from the same menu. It is an interactive reading that consolidates the use of prepositions. Be careful! Every time you make a mistake, the game starts over!

clicknlearni.jpgClick here to find an index of the units and their contents.

clicknlearnp.jpgClick here for printable grammar explanations.

Activity framework

  • Methodology: students work in pairs at each computer.
  • Timing: One session in the computer room during the course of the textbook unit.
  • Complementary material: Give your students this worksheet with the instructions for the day's work.