MUD. At the doctor's

Here you have a MUD which is an example of the different units you can find in (llengua anglesa). Have a look at the titles, they easily present some contents with many activities for your pupils to practice and to evaluate themselves.

Practice it!

  • Go to Edu365, click on ESO, Llengua anglesa. The Miniunitats didàctiques (MUDs) cover differents parts of the curriculum. (If you click on Totes les MUDs you will find them classified according to the skills). Choose At the doctor's


  • In the introduction you have two different exercises.

Click on 1: What's the matter? Fes clic a la fletxa vermella per començar l'exercici. Escolta i observa les expressions que els personatges utilitzen per descriure el seu estat de salut.

Click on 2: What's the matter? Arrossega els textos fins a la vinyeta corresponent per completar la conversació.


  • Now let's do some practice. Click on practica.jpg. Here again you have two different vocabulary exercises.exerc.jpg
  • When you finish, do the assessment.avaluat.jpg

Activity framework

  • Methodology: MUDs usually present grammar or vocabulary contents, so it's better to insert them into your activity program as an extra activity to do.

There are two possibilities: 1) as a reinforcement worksheet (revising what has been practised in class) 2) as a pre-unit activity (only to test pupils' knowledge).

  • Timing: one session in the computer room.
  • Complementary material: The pupils will need a worksheet which is their work plan and it could be elaborated from two different points of view: one which contains the instructions of the activity (using the computer), and another one which gets into the unit program, practising the contents without using the computer.

Additional info

This activity (or any other vocabulary activity) can be complemented with the games that you will find at

1. Click on Word Search, choose Hospital from the list

and the level of difficulty: easy, hard.

2. Do the same with the HangMouse or UnScramble.

1. Click on English Vocabulary Word Lists with Games, Puzzles and Quizzes

choose Comprehensive vocabulary list, go down to Health, and enter Injuries or Aches and pains. The students will be presented with a list of words to memorise.

2. Once there, you'll see


there are a number of fun games with those words: Spelling and Typing, Speedword spelling game, Flash hangman game, Every other letter game, and many more.